Sustainable logistics explained

You probably wonder, how logistics can be sustainable? Let us explain.

Momentaa's idea of sustainable logistics is pretty easy. We act as green as we possibly can. Now you wonder how we can do this. It's simple: for any of our services we choose the most efficient and sustainable way. The vehicles we use are preferably electric, human-powered (bicylces for short distances), and we re-use our packaging materials that are needed for moves. We use enhanced route-planning methods so we can save as much CO2 as possible. Any emmission that is still being produced is being compensated by protecting the rain forrest.

KM driven

100 KM

Rainforest protected

100 Km2

CO2 Compensated

100 Tons

What we do? Edited

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Sustainable house moving

No matter if you want to move your entire flat, house or even your office. We are here to help you. Across borders.

A move means a lot of planning. Now how amazing would it be, if there's a company who does that for you? Look no further: Momentaa is your company of choice. We do all the planning of the move for you, put together a timetable and before you have looked around, you are moving into your new home. So that we know your requirements, it is important for us to maintain direct contact with you. In an initial conversation, we gather all the important details so that we know exactly what and where we are going. In this way, we not only evaluate the size or the number of vehicles required, but also clarify at the same time whether we can support you in disposing of or clearing out, storing, assembling or other tasks.

Same day delivery - green

If you're in a hurry for a transport, get in touch!

Sometimes you are just in a hurry to get that package, delivery or document from Hannover to Berlin. Within the city, across cities or even borders, we have the perfect match for you. Our network of qualified partners is ready for all of your requirements. Within the same city, we work with bicycles - because green rules. If your delivery needs to go further, we plan as green as possible so that no kilometre is too much and we stay as CO2- and time efficient as possible. Tell us the dimensions of your delivery, pickup-address and destination and we sort things for you.

Assembly services - by experts

Sitting in front of a pile of new furniture? No worries, we take care of proper assembly.

New kitchen? New cupboard? You're right, that's quite a lot of screws and things that somehow have to match - no idea how to assemble it? No worries, Momentaa has got you covered. After many years of finding the right tool for this and that piece of furniture or kitchens and bathrooms we have installed, we're the expert you didn't know existed. If part of a move or just a new piece of furniture, we can help you out. Get in touch via our contact form and tell us what we're talking about and we will have a team of experts ready for you.

Our promise to you and the environment

We know that logistics can be green. And this is why we're here.

We're here to convince you from the fact that logistics can also be green and sustainable. This does not only mean that we take care of our environmental footprint, but also that the labour conditions at Momentaa are fair and we take good care of our employees. In fact, this promise is the reason why we exist. We have seen the contrary and are here to strive for the best. We are here to convince others from our ways and our methods.

Frankly, logistics is not a chapter today's economy can be proud of and this is what we want to change. Any CO2 that is being generated from what we do is being compensated or prevented: by preferring e-vehicles or bicycles before anything else, we make a first step. By compensation we mean our very valuable cooperation with Forest Finance. Now, do you start believing, too?