Clearing + Dispoal

Clearance and disposal relaxed and favorable with your disposal company for Hanover and surrounding area

With an upcoming move, it usually becomes clear quickly that many things have to be disposed of. Already planning and execution of a change of location cause stress, which increases when thinking about the disposal of superfluous items.

This does not have to be the case, because our clearance company offers, in addition to the usual services of a removal company including removal cleaning, also the clearance and disposal of expendable goods, such as furniture. Even on the day of the move, you can still decide whether we may clear and professionally dispose of any furniture and items for you.

The extensive disposal services are always tailored to your individual needs. Ask us for a free quote for clearance and disposal. After calculating the exact volume, you will receive information about the costs involved. Always cost-conscious we pay attention to remain in the favorable framework for the benefit of our customers.

Clearance & disposal on an environmentally friendly basis

Our focus is on environmentally friendly work and procedures. Already during disposal everything is carefully separated, recyclable material is disposed of separately. In this way, we make a valuable and timely contribution to the environment.

A valuable tip: Over the decades, documents also often accumulate, but they are not meant for every eye. For this reason, our offer also includes the confidential and discreet disposal of important documents, if required. These are first shredded so that legibility is no longer given.

Everything you need to know about clearance & disposal

Immediately after your inquiry with us, Momentaa's well-trained staff will guide you step by step through the topic of clearance & disposal. After all, you as an interested customer should be able to get an exact picture and to calculate the costs accurately. For example, many people are not aware that our clearance and disposal service also includes the provision of a container (a skip). After an exact volume calculation, you will receive a differentiated cost breakdown for your clearance & disposal.

Our services for your clearance & disposal at a glance

The services of Momentaa - your advantages:

  • Collection and professional disposal of bulky waste
  • Clearing out of cellars, attics, garages, gazebos, etc.
  • Disposal of furnishings such as beds, single wardrobes, sofas, shelves and other furniture
  • Clearance & disposal with or without furniture lift
  • Professional business liquidations
  • Professional liquidation of apartments
  • professional and environmentally friendly disposal
  • uncomplicated, expeditious and environmentally friendly way of working
  • favorable calculation

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