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Your major project: relocation in Europe

A move in itself is a far-reaching undertaking. So much has to be considered. A move within Europe is even bigger. In addition to manpower, you can expect the necessary professionalism, experience, know-how and quality from us as a service provider.

The laws and regulations of the individual nations differ significantly, especially if they are not part of the EU. So it is good to know that you have a strong and experienced partner like Momentaa at your side. Well connected within Europe, we have for example knowledge about the comparatively stricter import policy of Great Britain, Turkey or Norway. Would you have known?

Transport is the least of the challenges. Customs clearance, import regulations (also concerning pets), general cargo/inventory lists, special transports and more - all this is only a small part of what you can expect during the major project of moving Europe.

Familiar with the individual steps and processes for relocations throughout Europe, we will also help you - privately or commercially - to a successful change of residence or location.

The choice is yours - services and more

You are welcome to leave the entire planning of your move to us. As a moving company, this is part of our daily business. You have the choice between full-service relocation, i.e. relocation Europe with everything that goes with it. Or you can choose from a long list of services what will help you the most.

Free inspection appointments and consultations are the basis of every order. A no-obligation quote allows you to get final clarity on what you want.

Our portfolio for your large-scale European relocation project:

Full-service relocation from A - Z (from planning to final execution).


  • help with the preparation of general cargo and inventory lists
  • organization of no-stopping zones
  • customs and other country-specific official formalities
  • assembly work of any kind (furniture dismantling/assembly, lamps, pictures etc.)
  • professional packing/unpacking service
  • special transports like e.g. piano/ grand piano, safe etc.
  • furniture lift for large-sized items
  • suitable fleet of vehicles for safe transport
  • removal cleaning (with acceptance guarantee)
  • packing material for rent/purchase
  • evacuation
  • disposal (professional and environmentally friendly)
  • Storage for an unlimited period of time or temporary storage

Make your decision with due calm!

Good to know: By the way, routine procedures only help to consider all aspects. But that's where routine comes to an end, because every order has to be considered as individual and special.

Excellent price-performance ratio for your move Europe

As an experienced moving company for any kind of move, we at Momentaa are of course also aware of the inner turmoil when it comes to calling in a professional moving partner. 'This can go quite in the money - so your thoughts can often be evaluated to this effect.

Don't worry, because we have the right moving help for every budget. Even if your change of residence/position takes you to another European country, we can assure you a balanced price-performance ratio. Well: not quite balanced! The performance bar of this balance swings out stronger - in your favor. That's what we are known for and that's what people like to use our services for.

Professional relocation assistance means stress-free relocation management. Once you arrive at your destination, you can relax and go about your plans and tasks.

Only temporarily or permanently

a) Living or studying abroad in Europe for a while - a dream of many young people.

b) Your company also sends you abroad in Europe for years.

c) You would like to emigrate to another European country.

Three conceivable scenarios in which you should consider that you may not be able or want to take everything with you. Where to put the surplus? At this point, we from Momentaa also offer the appropriate solution. Use our furniture storage in Hannover City for safekeeping. Until the planned reuse or even disposal, everything is stored in well-tempered storage rooms, so that the different materials are also preserved. There are no time limits. Access is only granted to authorized persons after prior registration.

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