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Professional packing and unpacking service
Do you have a commercial or private move coming up soon? Then your thoughts are probably running at full speed, just to make sure you don't forget anything. Relax, because Momentaa brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table. In addition to many services such as furniture assembly, transport, furniture lift, moving cleaning and much more, our unique portfolio also includes professional packing and unpacking services.

You always have the last word to what extent we may support you. Depending on the volume of the move, we also plan enough time and staff for the packing and unpacking service. So everything is guaranteed to stay intact. Of course, our staff will bring the necessary packing material with them and dispose of it after unpacking at the new place of residence/location. The only thing you have to do is contact us and talk about an offer to us.

By the way: Your property is of course sufficiently insured, as long as we are allowed to take action for you.

Packing and unpacking service - the right packaging is what counts
In addition to reliable employees, the right packaging material is of great importance for a professional packing and unpacking service. For example, your collection of valuable wine bottles is kept absolutely unbreakable during transport in our specially made wine boxes. The same applies to expensive suits and evening dresses. They hang just as well protected in our sturdy dress boxes as they do in your closet.

Glasses and tableware are an extremely fragile subject. If you entrust us with the packing and unpacking of your belongings, we also have adequate packaging material available here. Thanks to tissue paper and/or bubble wrap, breakage or abrasion damage is not an issue. Well wrapped and stowed in our moving boxes, anything fragile will arrive at its destination undamaged.

The reverse process of unpacking your possessions is done with great sensitivity and the same care.

Enough time and the right packing material - the procedure for packing and unpacking service.
Depending on the volume, our well-trained employees arrive the day before to pack your possessions safely and thus protect them. With all due care, it is then stowed and secured in the transporter. Once at the new place of action, the unpacking service becomes active - also with care and caution. If you wish, we will also clear out your cupboards and drawers according to your specifications.

Don't worry - at the end you won't be left with a huge mountain of packing waste, because our removal team will of course take it back with them.

Attention and care also in packing and unpacking service.
The wishes and needs as well as the satisfaction of our customers take the first place on our priority list. Therefore, we are always careful to avoid any damage and thus trouble on both sides. Your possessions are in good hands with us - guaranteed.

With our professional packing and unpacking service you save a lot of time and money. You ask yourself why? The answer is simple: you escape the time-consuming task of accumulating packing materials or buying expensive ones. In addition, you are relieved of the annoying duty of disposing of the empty boxes or storing them in the basement.

To prevent chaos, our specially trained staff for packing and unpacking service follows a targeted procedure:

  • Pre-sorting and categorization of your moving goods.
  • Provision of adequate packing and protective materials
  • professional and proper packing/unpacking
  • Labeling of your moving boxes
  • professional and environmentally friendly disposal of the packing material

You have further wishes or your own ideas? Then let us know and call us at +49 1761710748 or use our online form for your direct inquiry. Your relocation success story is also ours!

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