Who we are?

Logistics is everywhere. Have you ever thought of the pineapple, the sofa, your dishes, basicallly anything you are using in your daily life? All of it came to the place where you have bought it with some mean of transportation. We are fascinated by that. But also pretty scared, because logistics is causing such a big part of global carbon dioxyde emissions: 25% of all emissions are caused by transports. Imagine that. And this is, where our founder, Nael Arafat, comes into play.

Nael has been travelling the world for nearly 34 years - with any means you can possibly imagine. Now living in Hannover and with a head full of thoughts on how to make the world a better place, the idea for Momentaa was born.

With his great network of friends and companies, Nael has set up the company to be international, sustainable and efficient. Most important: with the smallest negative effect on the environment possible. By making house moving, transports and logistics green, his mission is heroic. If other companies look at our small start up, we can make a change.

Be part of the change. Switch to green logistics.